Outings Archive

This page provides an archive of past outing reports. Simply click on the report you wish to read. If you wish to make a hardcopy of any report, select "Printer Friendly Format" under Sitse Services after the selected report is displayed.


June 2024 One Fly Contest

April 2024 Casselman Outing

November 2023 Erie Steelhead Outing

October 2023 Savage River Campout

September 2023 One Fly Contest

April 2023 Casselman Mothers Day Caddis Hatch

March 2023 Yellow Creek

Aug-Sep 2023 Destination Camp Buffalo Bill, WY

December 2022 Erie Steelhead Outing

September 2022 Yellow Creek

June 2022 PPTU One Fly Contest

April 30 - May1, 2022 Casselman Mother's Day Caddis Hatch

April 2, 2022 Gunpowder Hendrickson Hatch

Febrary 2022 Beaver Creek

May 2021 One Fly Contest

April 2021 Casselman

March 2021 Patuxent River

February 2021 Big Hunting Creek

October 2020 Savage River Campout

September 2020 One Fly Contest

August 2020 Yellow Breeches White Fly Outing

October 2019 Savage River Campout

September 2019 One Fly Contest

May - June 2019 Western Maryland Campout

February 2019 Big Hunting Creek

January 2019 Beaver Creek

November 2018 Big Spring October Caddis Hatch

October 2018 Savage River Campout

September 2018 One Fly Contest

May 31 - June 3 2018 Catskills

April 2018 Casselman

February 2018 Yellow Breeches

November 2017 Big Hunting Creek

October 2017 Savage River Campout

September 2017 One Fly Contest

May 2017 Savage River Campout

November 2016 New York -- Salmon River

October 2016 Western Maryland -- Savage River

September 2016 One Fly Contest

May 2016 Western Maryland -- Savage River Campout

March 2016 Yellow Breeches

March 2016 Patuxent River

January 2016 Big Spring

September 2015 One Fly Contest

August 2015 Yellow Breeches White Fly

July 2015 Yellow Breeches, Big Spring, and Big Hunting Creek

April 2015 Salmon River NY Steelhead

January 2015 Big Hunting Creek

December 2014 Yellow Breeches / Big Spring

November 2014 Lake Erie Steelhead

October 2014 CFR 2Flies4Hope

October 2014 Western Maryland -- Savage River

September 2014 One Fly Contest

August 2014 Yellow Breeches White Fly

April 2014 Casselman River MD

March 2014 Steelhead in Ohio

March 2014 Bamboo Rod Get Together

Februar 2014 Big Hunting Creek

January 2014 Big Spring

December 2013 Yellow Breeches

November 2013 Lake Erie Steelhead

October 2013 CFR 2Flies4Hope

October 2013 Western Maryland -- Savage River

September 2013 Brighton Dam Shocking

September 2013 Gunpowder One Fly

May 2013 Penns River PA

April 2013 Casselman River MD

March 2013 Tree Planting on the Upper Patuxant Below Brighton

February 2013 Big Hunting Creek Outing Report

January 2013 Big Springs/Yellow Breeches, PA

November 2012 Lake Erie Steelhead

October 2012 CFR 2Flies4Hope

October 2012 Fish Camp

September 2012 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

July 2012 Poplar Lick, Savage River State Forest

May 2012 Gunpowder Outing

April 2012 Northcentral PA Outing

March 2012 Western Maryland Outing

January 2012 Yellow Breeches PA Outing

November 2011 Steelhead Outing

October 2011 Western Maryland Campout

September 2011 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

August 2011 Outing Reports

June 2011 Ken Lockwood Gorge, NJ Outing Report

May 2011 Casselman River Outing Report

April 2011 Salmon River Outing Report

February 2011 Big Hunting Creek Outing Report

January 2011 Yellow Breeches Outing Report

November 2010 Erie Steelhead Outing Report

September 2010 Savage River PHD Pool Campout Outing Report

August 2010 Yellow Breeches Outing Report

July 2010 Gunpowder Outing Report

May 2010 Outing Report Central PA

April 2010 Outing Reports (Steelhead and Shad)

March, 2010 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

February, 2010 Big Hunting Creek

January, 2010 Yellow Breeches, PA

November, 2009 Erie Steelhead

October, 2009 Western Maryland Fish Camp

August, 2009 Yellow Breeches PA

June, 2009 Ken Lockwood Gorge

May, 2009 Central PA

March, 2009 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

February, 2009 Big Hunting Creek

January, 2009 Yellow Breeches PA

November, 2008 Erie Steelhead

October, 2008 Western Maryland

September, 2008 Tricos on the Gunpowder

August, 2008 Letort/Yellow Breeches

June, 2008 South Branch of Raritan River

April 19-20, 2008 Western Maryland

April 14, 2008 Deer Creek Shad Fishing

March 2008 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

February 2008 Big Hunting Creek

January 2008 Yellow Breeches

November, 2007 Erie Steelhead

October, 2007 Western Maryland

Sept, 2007 Gunpowder River

June, 2007 South Branch of Raritan River

May, 2007 Western Maryland

April 28-29, 2007 Yellow Creek

April 21, 2007 Big Hunting Creek

March, 2007 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

February, 2007 Yellow Breeches

November, 2006 Beaver Creek

October, 2006 Western Maryland

September, 2006 Gunpowder Cleanup and Fishing

August, 2006 Yellow Breeches

May, 2006 Western Maryland Memorial Day Weekend

April, 2006 Savage River

March, 2006 Gunpowder One Fly Contest

February, 2006 Big Hunting Creek

November, 2005 Beaver Creek

October, 2005 Western Maryland

September, 2005 Gunpowder

May, 2005 Western Maryland Memorial Day Weekend