Climate Change Information

At the February 21, 2024 Chapter Meeting, Jim Irons, our Climate Change Coordinator, gave a presentation titled "Climate Change Impacts and Threats to Cold Water Fisheries". Since we were unable to record this hybrid Zoom meeting, this page contains additional information about the presentation.

The 2021 presentation by TU’s Chief Scientist, Helen Neville, can be found on the Climate Change Workgroup web page at:  The page has a lot of other great content and includes the link to the video titled “Climate Change and Trout: Impacts, Opinions, and Ways You Can Help” which was shown at the chapter meeting.

At the bottom of the page there’s a button for “More Climate Change Resources” that takes you to:

From there I downloaded a PowerPoint presentation “Climate Change Role and Action List” and then added charts at the end to make the chart deck I showed during the chapter meeting.  You can view these charts by clicking on the following link in which the PowerPoint presentation was converted to a pdf file (2.2 MB); images/Climate-Change/Climate-Change-Coordinator-Role-and-Action-List2.pdf

The February meeting presentation included animations of climate change data from NASA and those animations can be found at the following links:

Global Temperature Anomalies from 1880 to 2023:

Annual Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Area 1979-2023, With Graph:

Tracking 30 Years of Sea Level Rise: 


Jim Irons